Walking On A Egg Shell   


Under our feet is a 8000 mile wide ball of molten rock and metal, with only about 90 thousand feet of solid ground to stand on, and just 20 thousand feet of breathable air above. If the Earth was the size of a basketball the solid ground would be the thickness of 4 sheets of paper, the atmosphere less than one sheet. Our being here is a wonder, and a blessing... enjoy.

Walking On A Egg Shell  4:38

Ding Goes My Thoughts  3:30

Cruising the Heavens  3:46

Ringing In My Head  5:14

eTranzit  4:17

Cum On and Dance  6:46

Hold On Tight  5:40

Dragging the Swamp  5:14

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My latest sounds from here in the Sunshine State.

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