Share Your Love   


Don't expect people to see your creativity as you do. It's ok that they don't. Everyone sees the world differently, based on their lifetime of experiences and people. If someone gets what you are expressing, treasure them.

Share Your Love  5:31

Blue Skies  4:25

Walking Along With God  5:35

Take A Leap  4:02

Lifes So Good  5:41

Grand Island Shoreline  4:28

Chill Out Baby  4:29

Dancing Strings  4:55

The End Of The Road  4:22

Melodies From The Garden Of Love       Download
My favorite collection of songs. Songs that were made from some of my best experiences while I lived in California. They are a mixture of Jazz, Pop, Dance and Electronica. Made for crusin' down the road taking in the view, or kicking back working on the next big thing.

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