About Me:    I have an over 30 year, career in entertainment. Most notably Radio: On air Announcing, and Program Directing in Detroit, San Francisco and Los Angeles. I have produced and performed on countless commercials and consulted several recording artists. My only music training was a trumpet class in grade school.
  Instrumental songs make up the background music track of my life. The words are "My thoughts". I created all of the tracks on these songs, using a midi keyboard with the amazing vst synthesizers available today. My music reflects the formats of the Radio stations I worked over the decades: Rock & Roll, Jazz, Disco, Rhythm & Blues, the Quiet Storm and Urban. The countless hours playing songs in the radio studios has etched these styles in my brain.

  I have been blessed with a boundless imagination, a scientific mind, a marketable voice, and a love for making things. That combination has allowed me to live a very fortunate life. Now retired, for the most part, I still enjoy creative people and interesting projects.   Music making, photography, painting, and computers are my hobbies, I like hobbies that produce something tangible. I wrote my first computer software on a Casio, and Commodore 64 computer. In the 80's wrote software that contributed to taking radio DJ's out of the music playing loop, by generating stations playlists with a computer algorithm.
This website I really enjoyed making, not just because it's my stuff, but because of the advancements in web languages. Interactive web design, like this site, allows me to keep this old brain active. It's like puzzle solving. Unlike a crossword puzzle when I finish a web page, I have created something useful. You don't probably care that on top of the basic HTML wegpage there is some cool use of the new HTML5, also CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL.

  Imagination, and the ability to make dreams come true, I believe is the greatest gift we humans have. It separates us from all of the other 7 million life forms here on this little wet rock, we call Earth.
   Never Stop dreaming. Every human achievement or creation starts as a dream, a dream while awake. Methodically executing ones written plan to completion is what makes a dream become reality.

Dream, Plan, Achieve!

All of my music is being offered for personal listening only. Contact me regarding any other use.

   These are some of the VST Synths I use in my music making. Almost all were free. It is amazing someone would spend the time creating one of these, then give it away, but thanks.

   I do web design, because I love graphic design, computers and coding. It is also about problem solving and practicing patience. One small punctuation error can make a page display blank... nothing! The mistake must be found in a hundred or more lines of code. The page that plays the music 'brentplay.php' is database driven and over 200 lines of code.

A bit of sample webpage code.

Built by Brent.